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Re: Wesley Crusher reviews Star Trek Into Darkness

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Well, not really. But Wil Wheaton has some things to say about the new movie:

I could have done without the whole beginning, which felt gratuitous and largely disconnected from the rest of the film to me, but I suppose they needed a way to set up Spock putting the needs of the many ahead of the needs of the one, or the few. I had a very hard time accepting that the Enterprise could sit underwater, but Iím willing to accept it and get over it. The makeup on those aliens was awesome, though.
Iíve read a lot of online criticism that Uhura didnít do anything useful and was just there to weep and be weak around Spock. I honestly didnít get that at all. She bravely faces down the fucking Klingons, knowing that sheís risking her life, and then is a badass during the climax when Spock and the ship need her the most. I suppose you can make an argument that she had no business bringing up relationship stuff with Spock in the middle of an important mission, but in a high stress situation maybe things bubbling beneath the surface just come up.
So on the other end of the writing-for-women spectrum is the profound failure to do awesome stuff with Doctor Marcus. I was disappointed, and I imagine that there must be deleted scenes that make her much more interesting (I have no problem with Alice Eveís performance. I thought she did a fine job with what they wrote for her). Sheís so goddamn smart, and we know that she ends up inventing the goddamn Genesis device, so itís a huge waste to make her little more than eye candy for Kirk. Putting her in her underwear was embarrassing to me as a member of the Star Trek Family, and served absolutely no purpose other than to make teenage boys feel weird, like when they climb the rope in gym class.
My review of Star Trek Into Darkness

Interesting take on it, although I'm still not getting the outrage over seeing Marcus in her undies.
Agreed. I see absolutely no difference between the Catsuits Troi, Kira, Seven, and T'Pol wore comapred to Doctor Marcus in her underwear, except Doctor Marcus was in her underwear for only a minute, whreas the rest of them live in their cat suits. Additionally, the cat suits often showed shining headlights and were so snug around the lady parts, you could see outlines, I don't recall either of these being true with Doctor Marcus' underwear (Though, Kira's is definitely the least offensive of the Cat Suits). oh, and yes, Doctor Marcus you could see her navel, but, I recall a time or two the catsuits were so snug, they outlined a navel.
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