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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Ungrateful for him saying he had proof the rumor was real (After decrying the falseness of it) and then switching back again to it being false?

What is there to be grateful for? He's already gotten gratitude for his prior contributions
Gratitude for his efforts at saving what we have of 1960s Who, that what he says "ungrateful" fans owe him. That's what he said in the deleted Tweet. Which I should have copied in full. :-/

Brendan Moody wrote: View Post
Per someone at GB, a since-deleted tweet was "@corn_dolly TRUE FANS ???? YOU !!!!!! I saved directly or indirectly 53 missing episodes and asked for nothing. TRUE FANS !!!!! I QUIT". I don't know if there was more. Asked for nothing... except for people to forgive his every abusive outburst.
There was that one, but that wasn't the one I linked to. The marked out word in that particular one rhymed with "hunt."
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