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Re: Microsoft planning complete reversal of DRM policy for Xbox One

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I think they need to fire their entire market research department, as didn't they say they had conducted extensive market research to determine what the consumer wanted, before the back tracking?

Seriously it wasn't rocket science that the entire once a day sign-in was a bad idea. If you need to sign in once to set-up the console, most people who don't have the internet would have a friend that does and they can borrow their internet to set-up

Yeah, I agree. What sounds good on paper doesn't always work great in practice. They probably thought they had the perfect setup in place where in reality it was very unpractical. The reality check was when Sony announced the PS4 and the critical backlash surrounding the XBone.

And I think CliffyB needs to learn about something called humility. You should never call "future potential customers" of your product "whiners". People have a right to express how they feel. It's a product that will be used for the next 5-8 years. They have a right to voice their concerns and objections with something that will be used so often. Calling people "whiners" only serves to show how much you care about your customers, and makes you sound immature. Whatever happened to the customer being always right? You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

And lastly, there's something called respect. It's a two-way street. You can't expect people to respect you if you yourself don't respect your customers.

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