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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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More movie-goers disagree with you than agree with you by the only real standard of measurement. It's illogical to assert that "most people would agree" about the relative quality of two X-Men movies if the behavior of movie-goers contradicts that. What you're asserting is no more than "I've heard more people say this than say that."
That's not necessarily true.
It's true enough. Anecdotal exceptions don't make the case.
No its not true. Your myopic definition of which movie is "better" is simply not valid. All you can show is which movie made more money at the box office. That's akin to saying that Wes Welker is a better receiver than Chad Johnson because he caught more passes. Or that Robert Horry is a better NBA player than Larry Bird because he has more NBA titles.

Face it, you phrased your statement incorrectly and have been called to task on it by many on this thread. But now you are simply too stubborn to admit that inserting any arbitrary factor about a movie isolated and out of context with everything else is not a sound way of creating a definitive appraisal of a movies "quality". That's about as factual as saying "More young children are familiar with Dora the Exporer than the Muppets so a movie about Dora would do better than another Muppet movie."

Perhaps you can again why we need except your "standard definition of measurement" that has been universally accepted by the population. Can you show me some links to some people or entities not involved with this discussion have made similar claims about the universal acceptance of box office dollars and movie quality? I anxiously await you showing me that I am mistaken and these references actually abound but I have simply not recognized them.
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