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Can you actually show where the translation fails? Most TOS films were in the top-10 the year they we made as were Generations and First Contact.

TOS was never an ensemble piece, it was always the Kirk and Spock show and the Kirk and Spock show has always translated well to the big-screen.
They all made money, ergo studio wise, they were a sucess. Story wise, it's another matter, as we've seen here on these pages.
We've seen some people say they'd rather it be on TV. But if you look at the ratings the latest film has generated here and on other websites, I'd say it was a successful Star Trek movie with both ticket buyers and critics.

I'd say it made a successful transition from from one medium to the other, starting with The Wrath of Khan.
If we set aside TMP and go with 2 through 6, I would almost agree with you. If we strip away all of the sub plots and go with just the story line we see that they have roots in the TV series. 2,3, and 4 are a story arc of Spock starting with the series' Space Seed epsode. While 5 and 6 were typical of epsodic TOS.

For sake of discussion, (A "film" is typically about the main character's defining moment, while "tv" is typically more or less a day to day adventure(s) of our hero and friends.)

In this case we have a more episodic approach, abet on a larger canvas. TMP is more filmic, and the jury is still out on the Abrams trek. (Two films are not easy to pull a trend from.)
We're Star Trek fans, weird is just part of the job.
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