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Re: The Doctor Who primer

Posted by Miss Chicken:
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Posted by V'ger:
Dorothy "Ace" Mcshane (Sophie Aldred)

How did you get Ace's last name? I have a set of 1995 Doctor Who Trading Cards and the Ace card specifically mentions the fact that no one knows what her last name is. When and where did Ace get a last name?
According to Wikipedia

Ace's first name is Dorothy. Production notes suggest that it was intended that her last name was Gale, an allusion to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, given the fact that she was transported to Iceworld via a time storm. The Virgin novels and Big Finish audio plays, however, have given Ace the last name of McShane, with some suggesting that her middle name is Gale, or Gail.
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Confessions: a few weeks ago, when V'ger first posted the primer, I had constructed a detailed set of qualifications to the primer, including this observation. Unfortunately just before I posted it, my slipper fell from my foot on to the extension cord's circuit-breaker switch, shutting down my PC.

The only other observation I'd make now is that while most of V'ger's characterisations of the different 'eras' of the programme are well attested in Doctor Who fan culture, they are very much generalisations and are disputed. Don't go to the final McCoy season, for example, expecting to find serials of the same style and tone as, say, most of Tom Baker's second or third season, because it's likely that you won't, although IMO there is much to commend in at least three of the four serials.
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