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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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What's sad is the number of people on the Gallifrey Base missing episodes thread who are now saying they only believed this rumor because Levine believed it and said he had seen proof. Of course, his proof was only ever that shipping ticket, but despite knowing how Levine behaves, they couldn't accept that he would flip-flop over evidence as shaky as that.
Over the years I've seen that there are a group of people who will believe whatever he says and defend him no matter how horribly abusive he gets purely because he saved some old episodes from destruction.

Yes it's great that we have them but they don't buy him a lifetime pass to be a Dick.
Case in point: Which Levine retweeted.

He's now saying he thinks something has been found after all. But he's not going to comment further. (Until the next time his mood flips.) Per someone at GB, a since-deleted tweet was "@corn_dolly TRUE FANS ???? YOU !!!!!! I saved directly or indirectly 53 missing episodes and asked for nothing. TRUE FANS !!!!! I QUIT". I don't know if there was more. Asked for nothing... except for people to forgive his every abusive outburst.
Egg, I dreamed I was old.
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