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Re: Does Data have a soul?

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Wow, what rock did you kick over to find that website? What a smorgasbord of nonsense... 9/11 trutherism, Earth changes, channeling. The woman who runs it (Laura Knight Jadczyk) appears to be a total crank and woo peddler. Yikes!

Anyway, the Penrose/Hameroff Orch-OR (Orchestrated objective reduction) theory of consciousness mentioned in that article doesn't hold up, as it turns out. Basically, the human brain's temperature is too high for quantum effects to last very long. Microtubule quantum states could exist, but would be sustained for only femtoseconds (a quadrillionth of a second), rather than the 25 milliseconds (1/40th of a second) required by Orch-OR theory. Read more here:
The keyword for me is "claims" because I don't know where this proof is. Seems more like a wild theory, but he claims he can prove it.

The article have been around for a while, so a lot of different websites are posting it. Popular Mechanics picked it up too:

When anyone claims they located exactly where the soul is, it's time to turn on the BS meter. Especially when people throw in words like "quantum".

OTOH, what if he's possibly right? He claims his theory stands up to that argument. There might be evidence to back it up;

Here's snip of it;
...these quantum states are notoriously fragile. Even in laboratory systems, atoms are cooled to near–absolute-zero temperatures to maintain entanglement for more than a few thousandths of a second. Biological systems would seem too warm and too wet to hold quantum states for long, yet that’s exactly what they appear to do.
I'm no scientist, but supposedly this can be used to refute the argument of the brain being incapable of quantum effects due to its warm temperature.

Maybe science has saved us after all.

Maybe all that quantum technobabble stuff they say in Trek is true after all

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