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Re: Size of starfleet?

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Which really doesn't mean much, except that Starfleet has continued to build more ships over the years. Still doesn't mean that hull registries represent the actual number of ships built, though (in the old days, it was believed that hull registries also included the number of a vessel's ship class or production block).

It's even conceivable that, like stardates, Starfleet hull registries were revised at one point over the decades with a different system in place now during the TNG era than it was during the TOS era.
Well I have already indicated in my original post that no you cant get the exact numbers from the registary numbers but MAYBE a rough ball bark figure. So yeah just cause there are ships in the 75000 range does not mean there are 75000 but it could indicate the number of ships are in the tens of thousands range.
I would be even skeptical of that. IMO, onscreen evidence doesn't really support the idea of a Starfleet consisting of 10,000+ ships (in DS9, Starfleet seemed to have no more than a few thousand during the Dominion War and in TNG could only scramble a few dozen to intercept the Borg at Wolf 359).
20000 ships for a orginisation that spans 8000 light years seem pretty reasonble. Espeicly if 75% + are just supply ships, personal transports, survey, repair, construction and other mundane utility ships.
In that capacity, you're probably still looking at only a few thousand frontline starships, with the rest being auxiliary craft more along the lines of shuttles and tugs.
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