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Re: Size of starfleet?

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Plus just cause the highest NCC we saw was 2000 doesn't mean that is the highest number in-universe. Nor do we even know if the registry number corresponds to the number of ships in the fleet.
Agreed. For all intents and purposes, hull registries may represent some kind of production code which includes more than just the number of the particular vessel.

But the the early ships form Enterpise and what you can see from the daedalus class it seems to go up in a linear fasion.
Which really doesn't mean much, except that Starfleet has continued to build more ships over the years. Still doesn't mean that hull registries represent the actual number of ships built, though (in the old days, it was believed that hull registries also included the number of a vessel's ship class or production block).

It's even conceivable that, like stardates, Starfleet hull registries were revised at one point over the decades with a different system in place now during the TNG era than it was during the TOS era.
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