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Looper is a bad film. What I hate is that it has the rough look of an independent film, and, like a lot of independent films, it also as an air of smartness about it, as if the film feels that it's smart, and that it has the attitude that there are in fact no plot holes at all, because it's so damn smart. Of course, since there's time travel, there are many plot holes. And the film is not nearly as smart as it would like us to believe.

My friend turned it off once she saw how silly JGL looked in his "Bruce Willis" makeup. Oh, and we all know what Willis actually looked like when he was in his thirties (see Mooonlighting, Die Hard) and he wasn't a scrawny pencil.

I mean, Emily Blunt looked much tougher and stronger physically then JGL in this film. When she is chopping wood and he is standing behind her, he actually flinches when she brings the axe over her head.

The subplot (or more like "interesting detail") about the people that move things with their minds should have been dropped, lest they become important to the story, which of course, much to my dread, they did. And the kid at the end reminded me of a cross between the kid in The Omen and Professor X.

My main problem with the film is that it's conceit, a guy that has to kill his future self, could have been somewhat interesting, and I'm convinced that that this germ of an idea started life as a short subject.. and it shouldn't have gone beyond that. There wasn't enough in this film to warrant it being anything more than a short subject.

I found the notion of someone hunting little children to kill them pushing my boundaries of tolerance. It didn't in T2 but here it was too much.

There is one bit that I liked, and it's subtle: the diner scene where Willis and JGL are eating. They are two different actors, but since there's time travel going on and they really shouldn't be together on screen, the director filmed them carefully. He filmed it as if he was using the same actor, employing static split screen shots, and the kind of movements that Zemeckis had to employ when he was using a VistaGlide camera to make a lot of the split-screen work in Back to the Future Part 2 work. The delicacy of these shots, and their little tip of the hat to that film, was very good.

But in the end, it was a laughable film that isn't quite as smart as it thinks it is.
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