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Re: Microsoft planning complete reversal of DRM policy for Xbox One

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Now all we got left is the mandatory Kinect and it's always on, and of course that higher price point.

Still not touching it though, i simply dont trust MS to at some time in the futute try to impliment this again once people have invested in the X1 and have it in their homes, and do they really think we are so stupid to believe this about turn was done for our benefit. lol
Agree 100%. I don't trust them any more and wouldn't touch the X1 with a 10-meter cattle prod. To be fair, the Kinnect always being on was my greatest issue personally. And even if they do say that these other things have been "fixed", I don't think I will believe them.

I will stick w/ my 360 for as long as titles are still being made for it. Maybe this will also give me the motivation to upgrade my 8-year old PC and go back to that flavor of gaming. Then again, if people start developing with the insipid abortion that is Windows 8 as the minimum OS requirement, I will be SOL there too, as I will NEVER upgrade away from Win7 at this point. Either way, I think console gaming will be dead for me in the next year or so, and probably for a lot of other people.
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