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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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In this context "to see the stars of home" is probably rather Romulan poetry than a scientific statement, IMHO.
Agreed, while we're on the topic of fans who retcon and fans who don't, let's talk about fans who take some snippets of dialogue too literally...

I for one took this statement to mean that Romulans literally live on the surface of stars
Then he should have said, "Not too soon to stand on the stars of home" You know, to take the statement literally

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Good Point! As a matter of fact the older Romulan makes a remark according to which him and the commander have seen "a hundred campaigns together". While not solid evidence (what kind of campaigns and against whom?) I think it does qualify to support your theory.
Although given the long lifespan of the Vulcans wouldn't the Romulans also have a long life? A hundred campaigns doesn't seem too odd.

Besides, we've seen ships go home on impulse power and it isn't made out to be a hundred-year-beyond-human-lifespan trip. See the Excelsior from "The Undiscovered Country" and Enterprise from "Where No Man Has Gone Before".
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