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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Ian Levine's response to the Morris statement:
Deeply sick, distressed, disheartend, all hopes dashed, all joy gone from the world. That's it. DO NOT ASK ME TO SAY ANOTHER WORD
The fact that he's flipped on this rumor twice in the course of the week, and been so over-the-top vehement in holding each position, is pretty much the best case study in The Problem of Ian Levine that you could ask for.
The guy really seems to have some sort of emotional/mental issues. Don't mean that as an insult but the wild vacillations are a bit extreme.

Mr Awe
Eh, tank up on alcohol (or other recreationals), mix in a highly emotional situation like the recovered episodes situation and let him near a keyboard, and it's a recipe for disaster. I don't drink anymore myself much at all (Drank some Mango Margaritas last weekend for the first time in 6 months), and I don't think alcohol is necessarily needed to produce these insane rantings, but, I am sometimes glad I don't do Facebook, Twitter, etc and don't have the visibility that he does. I sometimes regret what I posted on BBS when I look at it later, I can't imagine what kind of trouble I could get myself into with a Twitter account, a highly emotional situation, and high visibility, especially if I decided to have a few drinks before getting fired up.
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