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Re: What would your perfect Stargate series look like?

It probably wouldn't sell well, but, I'd like to see a Series set back in Egyptian times, with The Goauld at the height of their power on Earth, and the "Heroes" of the show would be rebellious Humans and/or an SG Team from the Present being trapped in the past, having to be careful not to step on Butterflies. And, of course, you could work in the other Goauld Mythologies as well as the Egyptians. (Somewhat similar to Moebius)

I also think it would be really cool to see a Series set at the height of The Ancients power, with their City-Ships and ZPMs at full power.

A little bit of grit and serious tone would be cool, but, need to also insert the humor to break up the grimness, and I don't want every character to be detestable and constantly unable to get along with each other and constant grimness that makes you want to slit your wrists. I want it to be serious, but, enjoyable and fun, more like the tone of DS9 or B5, rather than NuBSG. Inter-personel conflict is fine on some level, but, SGU S1 just took it way too far, to where the fighting was about all that happened. I'm even fine with a character or two being hated, but, not the entire cast.
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