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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

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I wonder if the duct tape "rope" was really disguising a certified rock climbing rope...for safety and liability contracts.
I had the same thought. Really, I hate it that they even tried to fictionalize the premise. It goes against the spirit of Mythbusters.

Which leads one to wonder how many of those shots were really Adam and Jamie.
As a rule, they don't fake things like that. And these guys have put their bodies on the line for worse. There were probably more safety precautions off-camera than we were shown.

And the show always loses a few points from me when Kari is not present.
True. And the other two, I guess.

What I miss are the earlier seasons when they had more than one woman on the show. There were Kari, Scottie (whom I really liked), Christine, and eventually Jess, though I think she came along after Scottie and Christine had left. Honestly, I think I'd be happier if Scottie had stayed and Tory had been the one replaced by Grant. Although I guess Tory serves a purpose, since he's the strongest and usually takes the lead on the physical stuff. He's kind of a living equivalent of Buster.

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Question: Is "Bubble Pack" a copyrighted brand name? 'Cause they were going way out of their way to always refer to it as "bubble packaging".
I think I heard them call it both bubble pack and bubble packaging. The brand name that they avoid using is Bubble Wrap, which is the term I know it by. It's one of those brand names that have become effectively generic through usage, like escalator and yo-yo and band-aid, but apparently it is still trademarked by the Sealed Air Corporation (a creative work is copyrighted, while a name or logo is trademarked), so they have to avoid it.
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