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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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It made perfect sense to me. Just because you don't like something doesn't make it "poor screenwriting."
I think it is poor screenwriting(at least to me). It isn't just because I don't like what they've done. An example of screenwriting that I don't like is Zod killing Jor El or Jonathan Kent's scene about letting those people die to keep things a secret--I didn't like those scenes or those changes but I still wouldn't say they weren't poor screenwriting at all and even acknowledge them as effective. However this is a different animal all together.
With all that disaster and destruction going(which admit it was there just to make things look cooler) I never really rooted for Supes like I should have, at the end they're is no resonating acknowledgement of any damage and the tone of the film unwarrantably shifts lighthearted for the ending to avoid a somber finale to the film. SHOW ME some instance of Superman taking strides to protect someone and not him just brashly launching at Zod and cruising through buildings like they are just play sets or something. It wasn't just poor screenwriting, it was lazy screenwriting. If your counterargument is that 'Well dumbass he couldn't he was in a life and death battle he has enough trouble holding his own against Zod as it is.'' Then I would just say at least showcase that Superman has an ounce of worry about the damage and even give him throwaway line to Zod about taking this fight somewhere else then Zod simply rejects the offer-- keeping to his word about killing every human. You could easily have conveyed the gravity of the situation and how it weighed on Supes just through those lines alone. It's not scriptwriting rocket science.

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With this, I hope Goyer writes every fucking DC Comics movie from here on out.
Well be my guess. However I do think we would be working Goyer to death writing everything wouldn't we? Well, in that case I might be a tad bit cautious seeing every DC film(unless hey have a talented writer-director). I got nothing against Goyer as a screenwriter I just think he works best with another writer or assisting with scripts rather then working on a script singularly.

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