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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Jor-El was the First Kryptonian in a hundred years to put his penis inside a real woman.

He had broken his programming.

There has to be more footage about the friendship between Jor-El and Zod.

Talking Politics and sparring.

Late at night, candle light.

Maybe even making out a little?

Can you imagine the homophobes?

"LOOK! LOOK! Two men kissed and the planet blew up! God did that! God did That! God doesn't just hate Human fags! He hates Alien Fags too! You show'em God!"

18 thousand years.


Did the kryptonians modify monkeys? Modify primates? Give culture to early man? Interbreed with early man or just outright replace the human population? Is man what happens to a Kryptonian Colony after 18 thousand years?
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