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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Plus a huge number of special audios, the DVD range completed (with all Pertwee stories in color), a classic story in HD, e-books with all the Doctors, and a 90-minute serial about the very beginnings of the show. That's a pretty nice celebration.
That's like telling a kid that he won't have a gift for Christmas, but that you'll be giving the walls of his room a fresh coat of paint instead. It's hardly exciting.

I don't buy audios or e-books, or HD anything, so the only thing in your list that is of any interest to me is the drama about the beginnings of the show.
Have to agree. The BBC aren't even making the audios so they get no credit for that. The DVD line being complete around now has nothing to do with the anniversary, nor do the animations.

But, I'll enjoy what we do get. The special should be great and I'm really interested about the beginnings special.

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