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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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So, for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, what we have is half a normal season, Matt Smith leaving, a 60-minute long special and our hopes of ever seeing lost episodes brutally crushed by the steel boots of harsh reality? Happy anniversary, everyone!
Plus a huge number of special audios, the DVD range completed (with all Pertwee stories in color), a classic story in HD, e-books with all the Doctors, and a 90-minute serial about the very beginnings of the show. That's a pretty nice celebration.
To elaborate further, Big Finish and AudioGo is in the process of releasing an 11-part series called Destiny of the Doctor which features one story of each Doctor as told through two actors, usually one companion and a guest star.

Additionally, and this is what I'm most excited about for the entire anniversary, Big Finish will be releasing The Light at the End, which features Tom Baker through Paul McGann with one companion each with additional companion cameos, all facing off against Geoffrey Beevers as The Master.

Edit: Also, we have animated episodes of The Reign of Terror (already released), The Ice Warriors, The Tenth Planet, and The Moonbase. That's pretty damn significant in itself.
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