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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

According to Wikipedia there are 5 episodes left?

(Major spoiler for next episode in description btw)

Your contraption sounds inspired but I fear for the day your vcr suddenly dies. I have a small stockpiles of vcr's so it will be a while before this happens to me but I did go for a few years without one before everyone started throwing theirs out at once.

Someday I may throw them all out myself though when the elephant head tv finally dies and all media is watched on monitors only (no tv connection so don't need an actual tv.)

So Escher says the Freelancers are like a cult, so it seems they do have an agenda as a group if he is to be believed. It's power and control he says everyone wants. Does that actually mean anything special or is it just what everyone says about meddlers in the timestream.

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