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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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The problem is that the camera does show the areas in question that you want to change even with the safe action and title safe areas applied. This line of justification is ineffective and unnecessary.
Then please tell me how the Thermians would interprete a shot like this!

So the Enterprise-D has cooling fans or searchlights sticking out from the conference lounge according to the Thermians?

This just illustrates my issue with the TNG remastering (that compelled me to return to TOS) where a lot of fans lamented that they wanted the "original" 4:3 format but couldn't make up their minds which is the "original" one.

What looks like a production flaw isn't one because the director could rely (as the TOS directors) that the overscan of a 4:3 tube TV set would trim the upper area and maintain the illusion that events took place on a starship - and not on a studio set.

Moreover, since the directors of TOS (and TNG) neither expected nor wanted us to see those expendable areas beyond the safe action area but which you feel should be considered, you are technically speaking relying on "behind-the-scenes" material which you otherwise tend to ignore.

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Fair enough and with that clarification I get what you're now doing.
I'm relieved. You are aware that the amount of time we both spent on this technicality discussion could have been better invested to proceed with our distinctive TOS Enterprise projects? Or the actual content of my Deck 6 draft!

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