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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

I think having a cohesive group with one agenda called "The Freelancers" would be silly, they must be varying in their allegiance and interests.

What did Escher say everybody wanted, "power and.."? I'm going to rewatch this ep and the pilot again. I'm wondering if these Freelancers can travel freely or if they are giving up their lives in one time for the thrill of changing the timeline by devoting themselves to planned activities in another time (power). If they can move freely some of them would say fuck it and just become time tourists, but if it's a much more all or nothing deal they would mostly be fanatics.

Escher has nothing personal in his space, so that indicates he's not stuck where he is, he's transient.

As to the monitors and tvs.. my tv is 20 years old from the side of the road so I would have to invest in another actual monitor. Large screen tvs are still kind of expensive here and then someone might actually want to watch the thing (because of its vast improvement on the 20 year old model) in my personal desk space and that would be annoying. So at some point I may just get another monitor.

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