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Re: Mandatory sci-fi

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And if i wanted to make kids read scifi or fantasy i would most likely give them Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams to read...
I would encourage kids to read Pratchett and Adams too, but they wouldn't exactly serve the purpose of this undertaking (which is to interest kids in science). Unless you think there's a kid out there who's destined to invent the Infinite Improbability Drive.
True, but they are great books to get kids interrested in reading scfi/fantasy.
I read for fun from an early age, like The Famous Five, translated in Dutch, same for Roald Dahl stories and a series about 10 year old Frisian twin boys and their motorized sloop...
Final year of highschool we had to read 11 books bij Dutch/Flemish writers for the Dutch course, there was a minimum of pages you had to read...
Most classmates went to the library with a calculator to make sure they pick books that added up to the amount of minimum pages or just a tad over, i on the other hand had picked a book that had about the amount of pages you had to read...
My classmates thought i was crazy, but it was a nice Detective book...
With the 10 other books i read triple the amount of required pages...
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