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Re: Engineering's curved hallways

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Hi Mario ... hmmm, I don't know. Where's the source for that figure?

Seriously, I'm just asking -- never read that before. If it's based on measurements off the model or something then I guess it depends on whether the "owners" of this thread are ruling out certain sources of evidence or not. Onscreen anyways, I thought the only times we saw any viewports or "windows" or portholes or whatever you want to call them was in "Mark of Gideon" and "Conscience of the King". Looking at screencaps of those they seem to be pretty consistent to me; both are up high relative to the particular deck the person is standing on, & both are basically the same size(s). In the hangar deck observation gallery scene in "Conscience' we even get to see not one but TWO of them, side by side. Or rather, let's call it: two in a row -- so we can assume safely that they're typical of the type, and that they make up the many sequential examples of these things that are placed all along the outside of the secondary hull. And they don't look anywhere close to 6 feet to my eye. I might grant you the 2.5 feet high (they look closer to 2 feet at most, especially given that they're so high up on the "walls" that you'd be running out of deck height quickly enough if they were really 2.5 feet -- not acounting for some of the sets having 11 foot high walls themselves, of course ), but 6 feet wide?
Yes, this size (2.5ī x 6ī) comes from measuring the rectangles on the hull of the filming model, assuming the "real" ship is about 1080īlong. As to why we donīt get to see them this big from the inside, blssdwlf just gave a possible (and rather simple) explanation in the above post #108.

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But even so, that's still nowhere near a suitable size like those on the TMP refit Enterprise down in the Botanical Gardens. Now picture yourself, really close your eyes everybody, and imagine sitting a few feet back from an 8 foot high x 4 foot wide window, starting at deck level, and soaring up to near the bottom of the next level! Now THAT would be impressive -- especially if you were orbiting a planet. THAT'S where you'd get a massive amount of odd alien light flowing into the ship too, as it bounced off the local sun and lit up your gardens. Also, talk about insanely romantic to boot!
THAT is definitely something Iīd love to have seen in one of the movies

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Still Mario, I don;t know: do you think that even a 2.5 foot x 6 foot "window" is a little "cheap" or chintzy, as they say, for a starship crew with such a need for their "psyches" to be protected and kept healthy? Just kind of seems like a big slit to me, sort of when you've had too much Saurian Brandy from a Dickel bottle and then the later the evening gets the more you've got little slits for an eye your own self
No argument there. But the fact remains, that the windows just arenīt any bigger Maybe itīs due to the material used for them, that doesnīt allow for bigger windows since the overall integrity of the hull would be compromised otherwise. And something they found a solution for in the refit Enterpriseīs bigger windows.

But enough about that now, windows are still not the topic of this thread

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