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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

What's stopping you?

The software comes with windows, and even if your graphics card doesn't have an extra plug for a second monitor, which is unlikely, they all usually have a direct plug that goes straight into the back of your TV... Unfortunately the plug on the back of your TV is hardly ever compatible for the plugs in the back of your PC since they were rarely ever built during the same tech booms.

You get to chose between useful second monitor, large screen TV or both.

Yell at your children until someone gets it done before your Birthday.

After someone buys/finds a second monitor, or buys/finds the correct cables to connect to your tv... The syncing process is ticking three of four check boxes off your properties menu.

This covers most everything.

So Esher shows her his left hand, and says between the fingers "here" but then after Kiera leaves, he looks at the fucking marks which are between his fingers on his other hand.

Sneaky slippery S.O.B.

Praise Teacake. We're not worthy, we're not worthy.

It's possible that the Freelancers all do not work for the same people or towards the same agendas... Like as if there was some sort of TEMPORAL COLD WAR!

Can they say that, without getting sued?
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