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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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Some fans want to retcon way too much out of the show, simply for the purpose of supporting their own position on a personal viewpoint.
True. And there's also the issue whether one is an advocate of GUT (Grand Unified Theory), which tends to overwrite "facts" from earlier Star Trek productions, or one who advocates that each series should be acknowledged with its own internal canon, regardless of what came later (which is why I approach the BoP subject strictly from a TOS point of view).

@ blssdwlf

There was an interesting thread where a Trek BBS member noted the elaborated style of Romulan dialogue which (indeed) was highly reminiscent of "Shakespeare talk".

In this context "to see the stars of home" is probably rather Romulan poetry than a scientific statement, IMHO.

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