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Re: Generations was...

After all, this was in a time of peaceful exploration, before writers like Ron Moore started in with their imperfect character nonsense, and so-called "drama".
Yeah I'm so sick of hearing their complaints about being unable to write "drama". When they were given full ability to do what they wanted, we got the Star Trek soap opera "Deep Space 9".

I have one issue with Generations; William Shatner agreed to the death of Captain Kirk. You do not kill Living Legends. All of my respect for him has drained away because he made himself a part of that idiocy. I've grown so cold about this I no longer see the scene as the death of Captain Kirk, it's now the symbolic death of my respect and admiration for Shatner.
I don't know if I blame Shatner. Perhaps he felt that he had to agree to the role or he wouldn't have been given the part? He seemed to quickly revive the character in his books again (not that it means anything on-screen). I do agree if he didn't want the character to die, he should have stood his ground on that.

Concerning the Ent. E, my liking of the D waned greatly after the premier of the E. I began wishing the design of E had been used for the D because it's such a logical evolutionary extension of the TMP/1701-A refit, imo.
I could live with it if it weren't for those hideous nacelles. Dear God what were they thinking?
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