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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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The ship never tackled any Federation fleets, and we never got any evidence that it would have been supposed to. It existed to tackle Federation fortresses, and it tackled those very well.
Technically we don't know what the BOP was designed to fight against. Since the plasma bolt was quite capable of chasing down a warp speed Enterprise it stands to reason it was a warship capable of fighting against other FTL ships and stationary targets.

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Within the confines of the episode, we got no reason to think that the trip from the RNZ to Romulus would be interstellar. Quite to the contrary, the trip involved passing by a comet that had a tail, suggesting that all the action was taking place deep insystem (supposedly in the system that held planets Romulus and Remus).
The trip involved the Romulans leading the Enterprise into the nearest trap they could find which happens to be a comet. Given how fast ships can be at FTL, it is just as possible that the FTL flight passed near a star system and the Romulans diverted to the comet to gain cover.

Plus, if they were strictly STL and fighting inside their own system then this line wouldn't work:
COMMANDER: It is good we approach the Neutral Zone. Not too soon for me to see the stars of home. I know they are following.
For the stars to change position or even to become visible again would imply that they're traveling greater distances than a single star system, IMO.
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