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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I had heard of the show but never seen it and don't know much about it.

So the idea isn't unprecedented. The question stands: would such a film have been a good vehicle for the reboot?
It's hard to sell any superhero movie/ comic/ story where the superhero isn't the main character. Such things are mostly deep riffs on established franchises and only work in the original format - i.e. the Astro City and Gotham Central comics.
Also The Green Hornet, where the title character is the protagonist but Kato is the real superhero.

They have a niche appeal so I'm not sure it'd work for a summer blockbuster tentpole reboot of a character like Superman.
Has anyone ever really tried stepping out of this box? It's tough to say it never works if it's never been tried.

ETA: It just occurred to me that it's kind of like E.T. with grownups. Elliott is now an adult woman and E.T. spends his time working and performing superheroics instead of scarfing Reese's Pieces and watching brain rot on TV.

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I suppose the freshly dead do smell quite a lot if all their bowels opened and released upon death.

I mean if you kill a hundred 50 thousand people at once in such a small area, that's going to be a hundred and 50 thousand people farting all at the time.

Think how loud the compounded noise would be.
I saw the movie on Sunday and my ears are still ringing.

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Speaking of Amy Adams. Can anyone name the 3 other actors who previously had roles on "Smallville"?
Mike Dopud, Alessandro Juliani and Tahmoh Penikett
Ian Tracey was also on Smallville.
A complete list of overlaps, courtesy of IMDB:

1. Amy Adams
Actress, Enchanted
2. Tahmoh Penikett
Actor, Trick 'r Treat
3. Mike Dopud
Actor, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
4. Mackenzie Gray
Actor, Man of Steel
5. David Paetkau
Actor, Final Destination 2
6. Alessandro Juliani
Actor, Man of Steel
7. Carmen Lavigne
Actress, Watchmen
8. Ian Tracey
Actor, Insomnia
9. Brad Kelly
Actor, X-Men: The Last Stand
10. Elizabeth Thai
Actress, Man of Steel
11. David Lewis
Actor, Man of Steel
12. Aaron Pearl
Actor, X2
13. Jerry Siegel
Writer, Superman Returns
14. Revard Dufresne
Actor, Sucker Punch
15. Chad Krowchuk
Actor, Man of Steel
16. Mark Gibbon
Actor, The Chronicles of Riddick
17. Joe Shuster
Writer, Superman Returns
18. Kwesi Ameyaw
Actor, Capote
19. Hugo Steele
Stunts, Watchmen
20. Wayne Dalglish
Stunts, Alice in Wonderland
21. Clint Carleton
Stunts, 300
22. Fraser Aitcheson
Stunts, Watchmen
23. Robert Moloney
Actor, Man of Steel
24. Raj Lal
Actor, 2012
25. Jackson Berlin
Actor, Man of Steel
26. Michele Cummins
Actress, Grave Encounters
27. Darryl Scheelar
Stunts, Rise of the Planet of the Apes
28. John MacDonald
Stunts, The Incredible Hulk
29. Rob Hayter
Stunts, Watchmen
30. Malcolm Scott
Actor, Watchmen
31. Howard Siegel
Actor, Man of Steel
32. Sabine Varnes
Stunts, Live Free or Die Hard
33. Brian Ho
Stunts, X-Men: The Last Stand
34. Adrian Hein
Stunts, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
35. Dan Rizzuto
Stunts, Stargate SG-1
36. Krista Bell
Stunts, X-Men: The Last Stand
37. Jason Bell
Stunts, Man of Steel
38. Matt Granger
Miscellaneous Crew, X2
39. David Goyer
Camera and Electrical Department, X2
40. Jim Rowe
Production Manager, Watchmen
41. Alexander Mandra
Stunts, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
42. Anji Bemben
Make-Up Department, Watchmen
43. CÚline Godeau
Make-Up Department, Man of Steel
44. John Dale
Art Department, Watchmen
45. Monte Thompson
Stunts, I, Robot
46. Kim Howey
Stunts, Watchmen
47. Joel Whist
Special Effects, Watchmen
48. Steve Au
Visual Effects, Life of Pi
49. David Rose
Visual Effects, X-Men Origins: Wolverine
50. Keith Woods
Camera and Electrical Department, TRON: Legacy
51. Dan Cervin
Special Effects, Life of Pi
52. Milena Zdravkovic
Art Department, X2
53. Ryan Cronin
Visual Effects, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
54. Kelvin Yee
Visual Effects, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
55. Scott Wallace
Camera and Electrical Department, Watchmen
56. Michael Aaron Keith
Miscellaneous Crew, Man of Steel
57. Scott Andrew Armstrong
Camera and Electrical Department, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
58. Gary Young
Visual Effects, Titanic
59. Ana Oparnica
Miscellaneous Crew, Sucker Punch

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