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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Zoey Deschanel should have played Lois Lane in Superman Returns. Since they were going for a channeling of Christopher Reeves with Brandon Routh, I think Zoey Deschanel would have channeled Margot Kidder decently (before Zoey became this hipster chick icon that she is now)

As for the new movie, I just came back from seeing it. I was going to write up a huge review, but instead I'll do a quick outline.

I gave it a C. The movie felt wayyyyyyyyy too alien. From all the Krypton scenes (which were far longer than was necessary) to all the time spent aboard the alien ships, it just took away from the movie being a "Superman" movie, and turned it into "Independence Day" with Supes a minor character.

My other gripe is that the trailers promised us a more grounded Superman, one that we would get to see a solid origin story. The actual movie touched on this, but only lightly skimmed thru it all. There needed to be more time spent in Smallville, fleshing out all of Clark's problems, as well as his human parents helping him overcome them. And there needed to be more fleshing out of Clark living as a nomad, unsure how to use his powers to help. Again, the movie only skimmed lightly thru these topics.

I would have been perfectly fine if the first hour of the film focused on the humanization of Clark thru his earth parents, and his first few years of adult life. The movie was so desperate to get to the action, that it only skimmed these points, and in erratic flashbacks.

And as for the action, wayyyyy too many special fx! Most of the movie was spent with Superman and Zod's baddies throwing each other around with no real damage to either one. Most of the fights happened in alien environments, like the Kryptonian ships. The fx themselves seemed reminiscent of Transformers. I kept waiting for Optimus Prime to show up and fight along Superman.

There are other things that I didn't like, like the total absence of other human characters that weren't just cameos (Perry White could have been anybody, since he had like 3 scenes in the whole movie. Jenna Olsen's entire reason for existence was to get trapped under some rebar?)

I liked Lois Lane's portrayal (except for the "are we measuring our dicks?" line. It totally went against character). I would have preferred to have her actually figure out about Clark without meeting him first.

I liked Faora. I thought I was going to hate her character, but I loved how the actress portrayed it. I think she was better than Zod. Zod just came across as an automaton, bent on rebuilding Krypton like a programmed machine. Faora actually came across as feeling superior to humans, which Zod didn't really portray.

I would have liked the military to fully distrust Superman at first, but realizing he's a friend, throw the full weight of military forces to aid Superman defeat Zod. What the movie portrays is a half assed attempt at showing distrust, then a half assed attempt at helping Supes.

The music was completely uninspiring as well. There was no motif. No hook. It was background wallpaper, like practically all Star Trek after TNG S3.

I was underwhelmed. I thought it was going to be a movie I'd be dying to own on Blu-Ray. As it stands it felt like watching an underdeveloped video game, and it saddens me. I agree with the Rotten Tomatoes score.
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