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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Say the filming began in 2005, maybe 2004 for a 2006 release... Kate was born in 1983. Which made the actress playing the mother of a 7 year old only 21 or 22 years old. Which means that she gave birth to the kid at 14, and got knocked up at 13, and then had all her Donner era adventures, say between five and 12 years, but she was already the great Lois Lane when Clark showed up, which is three or 4 years on the staff pary roll and maybe an internship before that. So roughly... And I do mean roughly that Lois Lane must have got her journalism degree from college roughly at about the same point that she was being born.

Lois in Superman Returns should have been played by a well preserved 40 year old. Brandon, young as he was could still play Superman, I like Brandon, but the script and direction, the poor boy, but between time dialation from the journey to krypton and back plus his solar charged immortality, Lois should be aging a lot faster than Clark. Earth II Superman used to have to wear make up to pretend he was as old as his wife.
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