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Re: Duotronic Computing

  • For what it's worth, and it's not much, here are my thoughts:
Any computer tech of the future will probably be at least as powerful as the quantum computers we are theorizing as possible. If a "qubit" is a single quantum bit and quantum computers deal in so many qubits, perhaps "duotrons" are two qubits that are quantumly entangled, permanently. And "duotronics" uses them as basic bulding blocks to store and manipulate information, as modern comuters use bits as the basic building blocks, and proposed quantum computers use qubits.

Furthermore, EntD comps used "quadratrons" as its building blocks.... That was stated on screen somewhere: Riker was distracting a Ferengi.

Multitronics, however would not be the number of posed qubits in one building block but how many of those blocks can be ueed to represent the data you are manipulating: as many or as little as you need! This as opposed to only 8 or 16 or 512.... Which is pure speculation on my part.
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