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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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Bosworth was horrible. She was entirely unbelievable as a tough and effective reporter - she projected absolutely no strength, no courage, no intelligence.

Not that anyone in this crowd is the slightest bit interested, but as a woman, every time any portrayal of Lois is praised as "spunky" I want to throw up. "Spunky" is how you describe a precocious seven year old girl and it's insulting to see it applied to an adult woman as if it's a compliment. Lois is supposed to be an intelligent, effective, tough professional who can get stories through tenacity and ingenuity that no one else has. She's courageous enough to print things that are so challenging that the powers that be would like to see her dead - and she prints them anyway. That is not "spunky" - it's a person of such moral integrity that we might all wish we had her strength of character. The entire problem with Bosworth's portrayal is that the best that can be said of it was that she was "spunky".
Sorry, no offense meant. I only used the word because I know it's a favorite one that's been used to describe the character for awhile now.

Although I still disagree about Bosworth. Obviously she wouldn't pass muster as a reporter in the real world, but again, this was clearly intended to be a fairly romanticized comic book world (where everything is art deco and has a warm golden glow to it, and the actors look impossibly young), so I thought it actually made sense in that context.
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