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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Well, (I think the atrium is cool but) as far wide open areas go, check out the view out a window!
Which wouldn't be all that great in outer space; lots and lots of black emptiness, a dark void of nothingness, an endless chasm of ... I'll go for a walk in the atrium.
Really? Pretty much every warpstreak effect looks to me like an awesome screensaver. Would be more fun than just looking down or up a donuthole that likely comes off as a poor architect's version of the Museum of Modern Art building.
Ivanova: It's just that I've always had trouble waking up when it is dark outside.
Sinclair: Commander, we're on a space station. It is always dark outside.
Ivanova: [forlornly] I know... I know...

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