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Re: I thought they said the JJ-comics were canon?

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Superman Returns illustrates, to me, how canon can go terribly wrong too. If you're one of the three people who liked Superman 3 (such as myself) or Superman 4 (ditto), it's the director saying that he doesn't think your stories "count" which is mildly insulting but I'll get over it, I'm a big boy. However, it also takes Superman in a wildly different direction from what fans are comfortable with. I.e. Superman dead-beat dad.
I don't try to let the little things bug me; but why is Superman referred to as a "dead beat dad?" He didn't know he had a son until he came back six years later. And once he did, what implies that he won't be involved with the son, at least as much as Lois feels is comfortable? She asks him if he'll be "around" and he says he will. "Dead beat dad" implies not owning up to your responsibilities as a father, financial and otherwise. The insult doesn't fit, so we must accquit!

Jeez, if Lois wants back child support, I'm sure he'll pay!
I just hated that term when people used it to complain about the movie!
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