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Re: Why did Pocket reprint Nightshade in 2010?

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^Exactly. Part of it was that the four Abramsverse novels had been cancelled and they needed something to fill the gap in the schedule with, but part of it was that Hamilton has become hugely, hugely popular since she wrote Nightshade and they wanted to draw in her fans.
Just out of curiosity... did it work? I know S&S doesn't disclose sales figures, but does anyone have any idea if this paid off as they hoped?

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^I'm surprised we haven't seen a reprint of Corona, seeing as how Greg Bear has become pretty huge as an SF author since then. Although I guess that's not the same as being huge on the scale of a Hamilton or Meyer.
Wasn't "Corona" reprinted back around 2000 when Pocket was reissuing the John Ford novels under the duology title, and with a slightly modified cover?

(Damn 'splodey universe... )
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