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Re: TOS Caption Contest #274: The Caption Incident

TFTTCA Leadhead!

Scotty: Three cheeseburgers.
Uhura: Three cheeseburgers.
Scotty: Three large fries.
Uhura: Three large fries.
Scotty: And a McFish.
Uhura: And a McFish...There's no such thing as a McFish, Commander Scott.
Scotty: Then it's not my way, is it lass?

Romulan: Microsoft support, this is Steve.
Kirk: Bloody hell.

Subcommander Tal: Have you administered the rufilin yet, Doctor? I wish to employ my sexual svengalism now.
McCoy: It should be taking effect any oygnblik <passes out>.

Spock: Your tongue is logical.

Spock: Permission to have this procedure performed on Lieutenant Uhura, Captain?
Kirk: Denied.

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