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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Get ready, boys - feminist treatise on Lois Lane coming up...

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I had heard of the show but never seen it and don't know much about it.

So the idea isn't unprecedented. The question stands: would such a film have been a good vehicle for the reboot?
It's hard to sell any superhero movie/ comic/ story where the superhero isn't the main character. Such things are mostly deep riffs on established franchises and only work in the original format - i.e. the Astro City and Gotham Central comics. They have a niche appeal so I'm not sure it'd work for a summer blockbuster tentpole reboot of a character like Superman.

That said, I've always thought that Superman's is a very romantic story and that Lois is essentially as important to the mythos as Supes himself. If you don't buy that she's the equal of this god-like being, so challenging to him that she, alone among mortals, could be his partner in life - then the whole thing falls apart. In other words, I'd go see it - I just don't know if anyone else would.

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A bit off topic but I must add: few weeks ago there was such a hullabaloo about the Dr. Carol Marcus underwear scene in STiD and certain feminists and male apologists were up in arms about it. Yet when they show a kick-ass female character in Faora-UL in MoS, who was IMO cooler and much more badass than Gen. Zod himself, not a peep from any woman who says they are happy about it. The silence about Antje Trau's amazing performance is defeaning and absolutely hypocriticial.
Believe it or not, women aren't exactly looking for warrior chicks as evidence of the gender equality creds of a movie. A female character built on a male ideal (badass fearless warrior) is fine and all, but it's still a female character built to please men, not one designed to represent the strengths of women as women. However, a great deal has been said about the smart, capable Lois Lane presented in this film, who is an active player in the saving of humanity, rather than a passive damsel in distress.

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Did anyone else like/love Amy Adams take on Lois Lane over Kate Bosworth's in SR?

Kate Bosworth as LL was one of the two things I simply could not stand about SR. Way, waaaay too far removed from Kidder's version, imo. Her 'risk taking' felt forced.

Amy's version was so good, I wonder what she knows about me that I am unaware I revealed to her!
I frankly thought both were great as Lois. I've never understood the criticism Bosworth got in the role, and thought she not only had plenty of spunk but played the emotion in her scenes with Routh beautifully (yeah, she was a bit young, but SR was clearly taking place in a more idealized comic book world so that never really bothered me).
Bosworth was horrible. She was entirely unbelievable as a tough and effective reporter - she projected absolutely no strength, no courage, no intelligence.

Not that anyone in this crowd is the slightest bit interested, but as a woman, every time any portrayal of Lois is praised as "spunky" I want to throw up. "Spunky" is how you describe a precocious seven year old girl and it's insulting to see it applied to an adult woman as if it's a compliment. Lois is supposed to be an intelligent, effective, tough professional who can get stories through tenacity and ingenuity that no one else has. She's courageous enough to print things that are so challenging that the powers that be would like to see her dead - and she prints them anyway. That is not "spunky" - it's a person of such moral integrity that we might all wish we had her strength of character. The entire problem with Bosworth's portrayal is that the best that can be said of it was that she was "spunky".
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