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Re: So what do you think of the Typhon Pact (as an organization)?

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I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't incorporate some movieverse elements as a result, too, like Vulcan suddenly developing inexplicable earthquakes and a need to evacuate the planet before it collapses.

(I.e. as a result of the timeline shift before the "split" is fully settled)
That makes no sense at all. Vulcan was destroyed in 2258 in the Abramsverse, not 2387. And the split occurred in 2233.

Other predictions include:
Please, do not propose specific story events on this forum! This is very important. Pro writers participate here, and for legal reasons we can't risk being exposed to unsolicited story ideas. There have been cases where authors on bulletin boards have actually had to abandon novels in progress because some poster carelessly proposed a similar premise. Generalities are okay, but please, no "predictions" of any specific event or sequence of events.
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