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Re: I thought they said the JJ-comics were canon?

My opinion on the canon debate, if anyone cares.

Klingon from the back: WE DON'T!

Canon is both important as well as almost entirely arbitrary. Take Castlevania, of all things, a sidescrolling series about a vampire hunting family which you wouldn't think would have a major issue with continuity. However, no less than two games were exiled from the series for a rather arbitrary reason (the protagonist was a woman) and the series has recently been rebooted as "Lords of Shadow."

Does that mean the two exiled games are less good? No. Does that mean that the previous series "didn't happen"? No, because the previous series is fiction just like the current series is. It's fiction so it doesn't matter what happened.

However, it does.

If we become invested in characters, we like to know that their our investment of time (as well as money) is worth it. It may be a purely emotional response but saying, "this story doesn't count" undermines its importance in the grand scheme of things. It's a statement the events aren't considered important by the developers of the program to include and, on some level, may just be a cash cow.

Which, many times, they are.

Over in Star Trek's archnemesis' forum, Star Wars, the fans are currently dealing with their two decades-old novelverse being rendered noncanonical. It's about 5,000 years of history starting from the origins of the Sith and Jedi's war to a century past ROTJ with Luke Skywalker's drug-addicted antihero grandson who dabbles in piracy as well as bounty-hunting. Oh and the Sith rule the galaxy again.

The Walt Disney Corporation have stated they don't want any of this stuff in "their" continuation of Star Wars. Frankly, I don't blame them. Still, it's a question to fans, "What does this mean for our hobby?" Well, to me, not much. It's a complete entity of itself. Just like if they ever return to the main Trekverse with a Post-dominion War series the novelverse is still going to be as awesome as it was.

(Not that I think that's going to happen)

Infinite worlds, my friend, and each is as valid as what people say is the "real" one.
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