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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

So I am finally caught up, Season 2 Episode 8.

I've been trying to watch all the new and newish sci fi stuff out there and while I've enjoyed it all somewhat this series is the first thing that has really grabbed me. And it's grabbed me hard, it is fantastic.

I love how characters you think are bog standard end up being fleshed out and much more layered. I love how minor characters become more and more important. I love how though there are conspiracies they are agenda based in ways that are believable and they don't fall into that whole endlessly peeling the onion deal that Lost did.

I love Magda Apanowicz, what a great actress. I've only seen her in Caprica before this where her interesting face caught my attention.

I LOVE JASON who is the most adorably hot n' scruffy man I have seen in a long time, he is perfect. I could eat him up.

Yes he's a bit crazy but I reeeeaaaaaally like him..

I'm continually impressed with how they write Alec. He could have been just been a boy wonder but he's a real teenager and it's very interesting to see him chafing at being the focus of everyone's agendas including his future self's. And to think when we first see him he's just trying to get out of having to eat dinner with the family.

Time travel is one of my favorite things and this show does it so well. I love how the character and story building flashbacks are all set in the future. And the deaths, anything can happen. Plenty of surprises. Luvia Petersen is great as Garza, they could have just made her another pretty girl like Sonia but instead we get this interesting and crafty face.

I've been trying to get other people to start watching this show! It is ALL arc, not formulaic or procedural. If that will push someone into it

It is making me super happy.

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