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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

Ugh, this week's episode is combining two things I don't like. One is the kind of episode that's a crossover with/promotion for another Discovery Channel show, something that's happening far too often lately (and a tightrope walker? Seriously?). The other is the "duct tape survival" format. I didn't like the previous one and I don't like this one much better. I mean, they've already proven that duct tape is useful. They're not really doing any mythbusting with things like this; it reduces it to just a typical Discovery "building stuff" show. Indeed, since they fictionalize the premise, it kind of works against the spirit of busting myths.

There was a bit of the ol' experimental process at the river, though, with the test of the bubble-wrap flotation suit (which was a total bust) and the designs of the boats. For once, Adam's design seemed a lot more elegant and practical than Jamie's. But the pretense of their being stranded bothered me, because it meant they were riding the rapids without helmets or padding. And those duct-tape life jackets looked suspiciously like real life jackets disguised with duct tape.

And really, why even bother running the rapids or climbing down that second cliff? They'd already gotten proof of concept for the boats and the climbing rig. There was no science there, it was just "Let's pretend we're a Discovery survival show."

The problem is that the Discovery Channel has mutated around Mythbusters during the decade it's been on the air. When the show began, Discovery was still at least somewhat a science-oriented channel. Now it's just macho stuff that's mostly about either building things, wilderness survival, or explosions. And that creates too much pressure for Mythbusters to follow suit.
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