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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I wonder if there is a conflict with Into Darkness, which should still be in theaters at time? Would they not be able to do a Fathom event if the movie is still out?
What? Fanthom events and STID have nothing to do with each other. The Fanthom thing is one day special events and would be arranged by CBS not Paramount.
Right, I know they're separate. This is just my speculation, but I wonder if Paramount is concerned that having two Star Treks in theaters on the same night might take away from whatever box office STID would do (even if its one night during the week). And since it sounds like there's friction between CBS and Paramount, CBS may have decided to stay out of the way and do the next Fathom screening in the fall for season 5 when STID will have closed. Since the profits from Fathom are going to charity, its not like they're losing money.

But having a Fathom screening while STID is playing puts Trek back in competition with itself (even though its just one night) which everyone probably wants to avoid. I'm sure Abrams would not be pleased if old Star Trek episodes are screened in the theater next to his new movie.

I hope I'm wrong though, I'd love to see an event for season 4!
Ok, im lost. What friction are you referring to?
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