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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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I really wish I knew what the writers were thinking by not having James be part of the main cast (just bump Chloe down to the second string),
I was under the impression that James wasn't originally intended to be that important, it was just because everyone liked the actress that they kept bringing her back. Although, I guess they could have added her to the main cast in the second season or something. Hell, at times the secondary cast was more interesting than the main cast. With her, Colonel Telford, Doctors Brody, Volker, and Park, being the leads on the show I might have been more interested in it.
It just seems weird that there's one officer that wasn't a main cast member. If there'd been a few more LTs, I probably wouldn't have minded.

But yeah, the secondary cast was a lot more interesting during season 1.5. That was when TJ got derailed by the pregnancy plot, Young was at his most idiotic, and everyone but Rush was making terrible choices. Telford only got interesting once they broke the mind control on him and he quickly outshone Young by virtue of not being the second coming of Chakotay. Then he got ruined by the writers in Twin Destinies for the sake of drama.
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