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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Angela showing up was advert.

I found the actual ad for the Guardians far more telling.

What I found hilarious was Snotty the Younger Hank Pym was with his codger self.

The "quake" at the end... Did that resolve there being two Wolverines and two Sue Storms? Because if it did, then there would have been no problems bringing the third Wolverine from the past too and Logan did not have to kill himself last month.

Does this mean that the Original X-Men are stuck in the present or that time grabbed them by their souls and threw them back where they belonged... Or if the two Wolverines and two invisible Woman's (even though the other Invisible woman is still most likely time travelling still in the past and had nothing to amalgamate with since without the Age of Ultron, T'Challa would never have called the FF back to the present to deal with the robot... Is the Fantastic Four stuck too?) amalgamated, then why not all Original X-Men with the current day X-Men too?

They never said that Time travel didn't work any more, just that that the Universe had been shredded and that the multiverse was leaking into itself... So they CAN time travel.. But they SHOULDN'T.
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