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Re: Warp Drive in Star Trek Into Darkness - [SPOILERS]

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Consensus was this reference really meant 'risk engaging UNTESTED warp engines while still in-system.'
Well consensus in this case just reinterpreted what Kirk said. Yeah, Trek usually doesn't care about it. TMP and one episode of DS9 are the only times I can think of that mentioned it, but it's rare that Trek explicitely warps in-system before ST09, too. Still, Kirk's log is pretty explicit, and doesn't mention the warp drive's newness.

If you think that is speculation rather than just reasonable extrapolation, I supposed you're welcome to do so.
It's not unreasonable, but it's still speculation. At this point this is semantics. The two are equivalent. I don't mind the speculation, but that's what it is.
And that's my opinion.
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