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Re: Empire Strikes Back Question

If Luke had not gone to Bespin and completed his training, Vader wouldn't have been distracted and would have personally taken Leia and possibly Chewie to his ship (unless Boba Fett convinced Vader to let him take Chewie back for the bounty from Jabba too) to force Luke to come to him. That would have necessitated Luke rescuing Han from Jabba first, and then an even more repetitive version of RotJ as they once again storm the Death Star to rescue Leia from the detention facility, only this time they wouldn't have the Falcon since Lando would have totally kept it. So, it would have complicated things.

Plus, then Lando would not have joined the Rebellion, none of the pilots would have polished off a tall, cool 40oz can of Colt .45 malt liquor he gave them before the battle (a pre-flight Rebel tradition - see below), and their frazzled nerves would have cost the Rebels the war.

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