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Re: Anti-Borg technology and tactics

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The Borg want to add Earth's biological and technological distinctiveness to their own. Ultimate Luddite Revolution: Destroy all technology as to not be a tempting target for the technology.
Wouldn't work. Remember, in First Contact the Borg traveled back in time to a point where humanity had basically done that because it would be easier to assimilate them.
I dont get the Borg(s) in First Contact. First they try to assimilate Earth by brute force as always.When that failed they sent themselves thru time and are able to assimilate Earth because in the 21st century we have no weapons. Which is kind of pointless because all the technolygy the Borg wanted in the first place wasnt invented yet.

Since they traveled to the exact time of Cochrane they intended to ruin first contact between humans and vulcans. THAT fits nowhere in the Borg plan. I wish they made up their collective mind.

Maybe they assimilated a stupid species and added their stupidity to their own.

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