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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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I wonder what the release schedule would be like should there really be a large number of shows. Are the restoration team even capable of tackling that much work in a reasonable time ?
Honestly, even if an official announcement that all (or any) of these 90 episodes were found were made today, the soonest you should expect any potential DVD release would be 2014. In my uninformed opinion, or course.
They may have been quietly progressing a group of episodes or serials through the "Preparing for Release" process for the last year already
Even if we assume for a moment this is the case and the plan is to release all the completed stories that these 90 episodes now make on DVD in November, that will ultimately prove a bad idea for the BBC. Not everyone has the money to shell out for that many new DVDs at one time. The smartest thing would be to hold off any DVD releases until 2014 anyway, and release one or two of them a month, just like they have been doing with the classic era stories all along. After all, with all the available complete stories nearly entirely released, this will be the perfect way to have the line last longer without resorting to more double-dip special editions.
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